Awards & Testimonials                                                 

In 2009, our organization received the “All Children-All Families” seal from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, recognizing the agency as a leader in supporting and serving LGBT families.

What our families, volunteers, and community say about us

“Wonderful, professional staff that we always knew ‘had our back.’ They went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend them for all families, but especially for LGBT families.”

-Dyana Mason,
Resource Parent

“A wonderful agency full of loving, caring, hardworking social workers and staff that are dedicated to the well being of children! Call them today to learn about foster care and foster to adopt!” 

                                                             -Stephanie Mackler

“This agency is my DREAM TEAM!! They were a tremendous support to my family and I and we will be forever grateful to them!!”

                                                              -Rosalind Renee, Resource Parent

 “I had a chance to volunteer for this wonderful organization and to see what these incredible folks do for children and families is amazing!”

                                                              –Gabriela Leonardis, Volunteer

“Great establishment! Doing an excellent and much needed service. Love the staff, programs and youth!”

                                                               -Nisha Jackson

 “Love this place & what they do!”

                                                               -Joseph West

 “There are so many levels and layers of people within the programs represented here.”

                                                               –Opportunity Youth, Collaborative Partner

“We always found the agency staff to be incredibly professional, and always supportive of our family (with 2 mothers). The agency provided links to other foster and fost/adopt families that we leaned on for additional support, and the workers helped to navigate a very complex legal and regulatory system with LA County I strongly recommend them.”

                                                               -Resource Parent

“They were absolutely amazing through the entire process [of adopting our son]. I cannot say enough good things about this place. They gave our family the most amazing gift anyone could ever give!”

                                                              -Resource Parent

“This is an amazing agency and there for you every step of the way! In fact, I still contact them to this day, from time to time, for advice and direction and they are always there to help.”

                                                              -Resource Parent

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Volunteer. Become a resource parent, mentor youth, or participate in events. Donate or Fundraise. Make a one time or set up a recurring donation, make an in-kind donation, such as gift cards or certificates, or start a personal fundraiser our behalf. Advocate. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the importance of our work, or share our mission and success with others.

Meet Us!

Our professional staff are highly dedicated to their roles as child advocates, researchers, and program experts. In everything we do, our guiding light is the child’s best interests. Together, we bring many years of education and experience in the recruitment and support of foster and adoptive families, social work and the care of children in the child welfare system.