In order to initiate the Family Assessment (Homestudy) process, applicants must complete the following:

Clearances and References:


Live Scan Request Form (A1585 – 3 forms per parent)

Resource Family Criminal Record Statement (RFA 01B – for all adults in the home)

Personal References Form

Release of Information – Employment(as applicable)

Household Forms:


Babysitter/Additional Adult Household Member Agreement

•   Children’s Questionnaire (given during interviews)

Emergency Disaster Plan

•    Evidences of Homeowner’s Liability Insurance

•    Family Capability Inventory (given during interviews)

EF Income & Expense Worksheet

Facility Sketch

•      Immunizations for all pets and Licenses for dogs (must be current) 

•      SAFE Questionnaire II (given during interviews – to be given by the Home Study Worker)

•      School report cards (must be current and for all school age children in the home)

•      Signature Page (given during interviews)

•      Support System List (given during interviews)

•      Copy of most recent Tax Return (Only the first 2 pages of the federal form is needed)

Medical Forms:


Resource Family Approval Health Screening (RFA 07 – All Applicants and Adults residing in the home)

Supplement to Resource Family Health Screening (All applicants)

•      TB Test or Screening form (All applicants and Adults residing in the home)

•      Most recent Physical Examination for all children in the home & up-to-date immunizations


**All training must be completed prior to the final interview**

•      Completion of Orientation (In Class Training)

•      Completion of Pride Training (In Class Training)

•      CPR certification/ First Aid certification (You can take at Extraordinary Families or in the community. Must cover Adult, child, and infant)

•      Foster Parent College (Online – Must be registered with Family Recruitment Specialist)

•      Introduction to LGBTQ Competency

•      Water Safety certification


The following documents must be completed prior to final Family Assessment (Homestudy) approval:

DCFS Child Welfare History Review Form:

•     NOTE:
This form will be emailed to you during the interview process by our Foster Care/Adoptions Assistant for you to fill out electronically, print, sign, and email back

Family Assessment Tools:

•     Family Capability Inventory

•      Support System List

•      Loss Chart

•      Scheduling Activity

•      Death Certificate of Spouse

•      Discharge papers from Armed Services

Transportation Forms:


•       Copy of California Driver’s License (Copy must be in color and enlarged)

•       DMV Driving Record Printout (Must be a 10-year report. DMV form can be sent directly to DMV via mail or brought in to a DMV office. Please Note:  Online reports only go back 5 years and cannot be accepted for approval)

 Driving Record Disclosure

Vehicle Inspection Form(For all vehicles that may be used to transport children)

•      Vehicle Insurance (For all vehicles that may be used to transport children)

Vehicle Liability Statement

Parent Forms:


•      Marriage Certificate

•      Divorce Decree

•      Child Support Verification

•      Court order finalizing prior adoptions

•      Death Certificate of Spouse

•      Discharge papers from Armed Services