Referrals of child abuse and neglect in LA County each year


Children and youth receiving child welfare services


Children in foster homes or receiving out-of-home care

What is foster care?

The child welfare system – or foster care system – refers to the array of services and programs designed to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing. Most families become involved in this system after suspected child abuse or neglect. Children remain in foster care temporarily until they are able to safely reunify with their family, are adopted, or “age out” of foster care and transition into adulthood.

What is a resource parent?

Resource parent is another term for foster parent. A resource parent or resource family provides temporary care for children in foster care while their birth family receives family strengthening services. Their role is one of the most vital in the system, working tirelessly to provide children with safe harbor and a greater future.

What is reunification?

When children are removed from their families to ensure their safety, the first goal is to reunite them as soon as possible. This is called reunification, and it is the most common outcome for children in foster care. It requires intensive, family-centered services and support, and resource parents can be one of the most vital components to this process.