We stand with our LGBTQ+ community against extremist attacks meant to silence and erase them. We condemn the epidemic of anti-trans bills and attacks on human rights. Misinformation fed by discrimination and hate has created “threats” where they do not exist. Transgender and non-binary people face an ongoing onslaught of “othering” that is harmful to both them and the fabric of our community. We especially extend our support to LGBTQ+ youth, who face challenges to equal access to school facilitates and activities, and life-saving, gender-affirming health care.

We ask you to consider joining us, the ACLU, HRC, GSLEN, and other champions across the country in challenging anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Children and families cannot have the futures they rightfully deserve without our voices raised together.

Whether you have 30 seconds or 20 minutes, HRC’s “Count Me In” campaign has ways to show your support. Count Me In – Human Rights Campaign (hrc.org)

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