Eligibility to Foster

 You must be at least 25 years of age.

 You may be single or coupled. If coupled, living together for at least one year.

 Your family must be stable and everyone must be interested in caring for a child.

 All members of the household, as well as those caring for the child or children, must pass a criminal record clearance.

 You must demonstrate financial stability, with income greater than your expenses.

The health of you and your family members must allow for the care of normally active children.

Your home must be suitably equipped, safe, clean and have sufficient space to accommodate additional children.

 Safe and reliable transportation must be available. Automobile insurance must be current and kept up to date and all drivers must have valid California drivers’ licenses and clean driving records.

 Complete the application packet, orientation, pre-certification training, and family assessment.

 Agree to comply with all Title XXII, State, County, and agency regulations.

Since 2009, we’ve been a recognized leader in serving LGBTQ youth and families by the All Children All Families project of the Human Rights Campaign.


Slide TESTIMONIALS “This agency is my DREAM TEAM!! They were a tremendous support to my family and we will be forever grateful to them!” ROSALIND RENEE RESOURCE PARENT Slide TESTIMONIALS “I had a chance to volunteer for this wonderful organization and to see what these incredible folks do for children and families is amazing." GABRIELA LEONARDIS VOLUNTEER Slide TESTIMONIALS “We always found the agency staff to be incredibly professional, and always supportive of our family (with 2 mothers). The agency provided links to other foster and fost/adopt families that we leaned on for additional support, and the workers helped to navigate a very complex legal and regulatory system with LA County I strongly recommend them.” RESOURCE PARENT Slide TESTIMONIALS “Wonderful, professional staff that we always knew ‘had our back.’ They went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend them for all families, but especially for LGBT families.” DYANA MASON Resource Parent Slide TESTIMONIALS “This is an amazing agency and there for you every step of the way! In fact, I still contact them to this day, from time to time, for advice and direction and they are always there to help.” RESOURCE PARENT