Fundraising amongst your friends and families in support of our mission allows you to connect to your community and make a difference!

*While we have limited in person fundraising opportunities due to the current pandemic, there are many ways you can help from the comfort of your home.*

Utilize Facebook’s Fundraising Feature to raise money on behalf of Extraordinary Families for your birthday or just because! 100% of donations made on Facebook are distributed to the organization.

Share the link to our donate page ( on your social media platforms.

Fundraise Now
  • Host a luncheon with your friends on behalf of Extraordinary Families.
  • Host a virtual webinar and advocate for our youth and children in foster care.
  • Encourage friends to set up fundraising pages on behalf of Extraordinary Families.
  • Set up an online auction with proceeds directly benefiting Extraordinary Families.
  • Offer a free gift to anyone who donates to Extraordinary Families.
Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Do you or someone you know have a company that would like to fundraise on our behalf? If so, let us know at [email protected].

Contact Us

Apple, Verizon, Warner Media, Disney, and other companies will match dollar for dollar for anything donated to Extraordinary Families. Click the button below to see if your company qualifies for a match program.

Match Programs

Visit Food4Less, Ralphs, and Amazon to give while you shop! Each of these businesses will give a portion of their proceeds to Extraordinary Families following each shopping trip.

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